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Fault Diagnostics
            ...Our Master Diagnostic Technician has always solved the mystery

You can rest assured you’re in expert hands with, Stephen, a Master Diagnostics Technician who loves nothing better than absorbing himself in fault-finding and has NEVER yet been beaten... which is one of the reasons why local garages also come to us for fault-solving!  We are very proud of our skills and hard-earned reputation.


The fact is that Launch, Carmen-Scan, Snap-On, Auto-Diagnos, Auto-logic, Pico, VAG-com - all the major diagnostic equipment in the world - won’t solve a fault unless it’s in the right hands… it’s imperative to use a technician who thoroughly understands this diagnostic equipment to avoid the ‘trial & error’ methods that can be costly for you.


Manufacturers are producing increasingly technically-advanced engines.  We have risen to this challenge by investing in the latest tuning and diagnostic equipment - and we are committed to ongoing training and certification.  Our highly-qualified, specialist diagnostics team consistently demonstrates outstanding technical expertise and produces 1st class results fast.  What we don’t do is charge the earth for it!


ABS:  Anti-locking brake system – could signify an array of faults – contact us for specialist advice.

Battery:  Fault with the charging system – contact us for advice.

Oil:  Low oil level or oil pressure fault – check the oil level (with vehicle on level ground) and top up if necessary. If oil level is correct, contact us for advice.

Spanner:  Usually symbolizes a service is due but could also indicate an engine fault – contact us for specialist advice.

What to do when a warning light on your dashboard comes on...

Temperature:  Turn off your engine and allow the engine to cool. Do NOT check the radiator/coolant whilst the engine is hot. Contact us for advice before driving.

Airbag:  Your airbag will not deploy in an accident when this light is on – contact us for specialist attention.

Brakes:  Check your handbrake is OFF – if it is, STOP and contact us immediately as this could signify a serious brake fault.

Engine Management:  Could signify an array of faults! If the vehicle is acting differently STOP and, in any event, contact us as quickly as possible for specialist advice. 

                                                             ...the most frequently seen warning lights and what they might mean.