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Green Automotive
                            ...Doing our part to preserve the environment                    

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We’re environmentally friendly too …

We are zealous in our attitude to ‘green issues’ as we believe that every business could, and should, do their utmost towards saving the planet.  We are determined to do our bit and exceed all current "green automotive" standards.

We have made an enduring sustainability plan – this is our commitment to environmental principles in our business operations to meet the needs of the present world without compromising the ability of future generations in order to run this Company … Our on-going goal is to eliminate where possible or, at minimum, to decrease the impact made on the environment by harmful chemicals, materials, and waste generated by our working processes and, in so doing, reduce our carbon footprint.

We operate a continuous process of monitoring, analysing and improving our eco practices to increase our sustainability as conditions change and new opportunities emerge.

Currently we achieve this by:

  • Carefully selecting the products we use in our workshop based on their greenhouse gases and biodegradability, regularly seeking out greener alternatives

  • Our office is as ‘paperless’ as possible

  • We use low energy lighting and never waste energy or water

  • We re-use packaging materials and only purchase reusable/recyclable new packaging materials

  • We segregate our waste and recycle everything we possibly can then, every Thursday, we even take our recycling to the local plant to see for ourselves that it heads in the right direction!

  • We encourage our customers to lower their own carbon footprint by having their turbo-diesel vehicles remapped for reduced fuel use through improved mpg, and finally …

  • All members of staff believe in, and follow, our sustainable ethics not only in the workplace but also in their own homes too.