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Especially for the Ladies
                                        ...a different kind of garage

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A note for the ladies…

Longtime Director of Motorsport, Jane Lise, observed: Twenty years ago I too was the ‘other side of the counter’ and remember well the feelings of (a) not entirely understanding the things garage techies told me about my vehicle’s ‘to do’ list and (b) longing to get out of their oily, smelly garage!!!  Which is how I realised we ladies desire more from our ‘garage experience’ than is usually on offer!

We're proud that, here, the experience is positively pleasant!!!  We are regularly complimented for our caring approach and for being well-attuned to the important details such as a warm, clean and carpeted waiting area with comfortable chairs, glossy magazines, a wide variety of teas and coffees and even Molton Brown in the WC!


When it comes to your car… we give clear explanations (and provide either diagrams or a visual inspection of your vehicle as and when required).  You’ll see that our workshop is kept exceptionally clean and tidy, protective coverings are used in, and on, all vehicles whilst we work and our unfailing attention to detail ensures your driving experience is a safe one.

                                                We look forward to seeing you soon.







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