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Non-Turbo Cars
(Naturally aspirated engines)

Superchip's re-mapping of the onboard computer gives up to 10% more power.

Whilst the power gains are significantly lower than on turbocharged vehicles, other annoying traits, such as hesitation and poor throttle response which can occur on computer-controlled cars, can be eliminated making the car more pleasurable to drive.

In-town driving is noticeably improved, requiring less gear changing with a smoother and more progressive engine response.

Turbocharged Petrol Cars

Impressive gains of up to 25% more power and torque are achievable.

Driving pleasure is increased through less gear changing and you will feel that your throttle is more lively and responsive.

The ECU remap finely adjusts the air/fuel delivery and increases the manufacturer's boost limit .

Turbocharged Diesel Cars

Superchip's reprogramming of the onboard computer matches the fuelling to the increase in boost pressure, the timing is adjusted and further fine tuning gives impressive gains of up to 30% more more power and torque.

This adds to driving pleasure, requiring less gear changing, making the car more lively and responsive.

*Superchips guarantee real potential for improved fuel economy of up to 6mpg (although, of course, exactly how much is dependent upon personal driving style!)

ECU Remapping
                                    ...Great drivers need great results from their cars!

All engines are restricted by their manufacturers, in order to allow for owners who don’t adhere to service schedules and/or use poor fuel.  A Superchips ECU remap will release these restrictions... through precise fine-tuning, without risk to your engine. This enables your car to utilise more of its true ability and act more quickly and effectively to your demands........and who can resist the potential to save money on m.p.g. into the bargain too?*


Superchips combine their specialist computer programming skills with their in-house, rolling road remapping facilities, to obtain a wonderfully enhanced program for your vehicle. Over 30 years ago, Superchips were the pioneers in ECU remapping and no other company has invested such extensive time, money and effort into research and development; nor do any have as much technical know-how in developing unique applications for almost all modern vehicles.  This is backed up by the fact that they are the only official tuning company authorised by many manufacturers to supply remaps to brand new vehicles... and trusted by many professional motor racing teams including VW and Porsche.  


Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in programming Superchips remaps for your ultimate driving experience.